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5 Surprising Benefits to Combining PPC and SEO

Many marketers today treat PPC and SEO as individual and separate parts of a inbound marketing company. Seeing how the two relate at first can be difficult, but the reality is that some of the most successful marketing strategies are ones that combine PPC and SEO. Here are 5 surprising benefits that result from combining PPC and SEO in your marketing strategy.

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1. Content Voice

Your SEO, PPC, and even your social media marketing all should have the same voice. A cohesive, consistent tone and message is beneficial for you campaigns when these areas are linked. PPC ads can utilize the SEO and social media you employ in other places, such as videos, images, and podcasts. Your content will be more compelling, which can help improve your CTR. All PPC and SEO needs to direct visitors to valuble content on a usable site, for help with your site contact Seattle Internet Marketing Services.

2. Visibility

When a search term ranks high, many people are inclined to reduce their PPC efforts. Instead, because PPC ads are the top two or three results on most search engine results, the opportunity to dominate search results will not only increase your traffic flow, but it will also give a general impression of being well established in a particular market.

By combining PPC campaigns with content developed to optimize organic search engine rankings, you can occupy a lot of space in both paid and organic search engine results. This can increase your visibility and credibility as you work to make yourself more popular among search engine results. An additional benefit to combining your PPC and SEO campaigns is that doing this has shown to improve the CTR on PPC ads when measured separately.  SEO

3. Share Keywords

Many have found that what works for their PPC ads also works for their SEO campaigns. By recognizing which ads are generating the most conversions, you have the opportunity to use those same keywords and strategies when creating meta descriptions, meta titles and page content. This can work in reverse as well, with organic searches that rank well being used in your PPC ads. While results with the former would be calculated and used sooner, information can be shared in both directions.

4. Combat Negativity

If there is ever a time when a negative report about your business or product were to arise, knowing how to use PPC and SEO to restore your reputation can be of great value to your business. PPC ads that are linked to the hot-topic keywords can lead readers directly to a page discussing the issue and what your business is doing to improve it. Other businesses have used this method previously to restore trust and reliability after an accident or issue had occurred. 

5. Conversions

The effort that goes into combining your PPC and SEO strategies and having them work in stride has shown to have great returns. The combined effort of both of these has demonstrated to increase businesses conversion rates by incredible percentages. More traffic and a higher CTR will bring more leads for you to direct down your sales funnel, resulting in more customers and more revenue.

While these benefits should have everyone running to combine their PPC and SEO strategies, the process can be prove to be some work. Combining these two areas requires solid communication and strategic planning by both sides in order to get the best results. With limited resources, many businesses find it beneficial to turn to an inbound marketing agency for help with their marketing strategy.

Here at Fannit, our team of experts works to create inbound marketing strategies that combine PPC and SEO for different businesses so they can get the most out of their inbound marketing. For more information about our services, we would love to talk with you! Give us a call, or fill out our free inbound analysis.

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